Anillo women de gold whiteo 585 Ancho 2,0mm con 21 Brillantes 0,2 Ct Tw-Si paranormal

or 14k Solid gold Simulated Alexandrite CZ Ladies June Birthstone Ring White 10k jgjqpv5810-Jewelry

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    Vengeance and revenge are the only forces driving vampire soldier Noah Siosal since losing his brother to an enemy he’s been unable to find. He’s searched every corner of the globe, going through adversaries and piling up bodies until finally getting a lead. The last place he wants to be is in a ridiculous anger…

    9CT gold yellow Real Ópalo 3 Anillo Piedra ( L-R ) Nuevo
  • Anillo gold yellow Diamante Ilusion Juego

    Coming 09/24/19

    Too quiet. A talented hacker who got caught, Brigid Banaghan is now forced to work with a secret Deep Ops unit. But she won’t reveal any more to these renegade Feds than she has to. Especially not to Raider Tanaka, her control freak of a bodyguard and handler. It’s enough that his body is tensed…

    RUBÍ Y Diamante Anillo gold yellow 3 Piedras Trilogía Compromiso Certificado
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    You can’t escape the past . . . Noni is desperate. Her infant niece has been kidnapped, and the only person who can save her is a private detective with too many secrets to count–and more enemies than he can name. A man who walked away from Noni without any warning a year ago, a…

    0,13ct Diamante & 9CT gold pink Espoleta Nuevo
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    Hunter Holt might be the most stubborn ex-soldier ever born, but when he’s called on to help find a lost foster kid, he jumps into action. Even if it means working with the woman who broke his heart five years ago–the woman who still haunts his dreams . . .   Faye Smith has spent…

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  • Coming 06/25/19

    To hell and back . . . Though he has vampire, demon, and Viking blood rushing through his veins, Ivar Kjeidsen’s soul-crushing trip to hell broke him in ways he can barely fathom.  One vow keeps the deadly immortal standing: To rescue the vampire brother who had sacrificed freedom for him.  To do that, Ivar needs the…

    9CT Anillo gold whiteo Ópalo 6 X 4mm y Diamante 0.08CT Nuevo

or 14k Solid gold Simulated Alexandrite CZ Ladies June Birthstone Ring White 10k jgjqpv5810-Jewelry